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Auxiliary Power Units

APU designs can be made between 2kW and 100 kW according to customer's choice
It can actively operate weapon systems, vehicle computer, fire suppression systems, power distribution unit and CBRN systems on the vehicle, prolonging life of the engine and saving fuel.
It can cool inside of the vehicle without operating vehicle engine by adding hydraulic pump
It can be embedded into the military vehicle or mounted to outer shell.
It has capability to actively operate all the systems on the vehicle and perform all the activities.

» APU (Auxiliary Power Units) systems are systems that provide energy for the active opera tion of the systems on the vehicle when the vehicle ignition is turned off, and provide the desired energy to the vehicle for air conditioning system.

» These systems, which are integrated into armoured vehicles, have the ability to provide power to carry out all activities on the vehicle without the vehicle engine running.

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