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  • 100A AC / DC Rack Type Converter provides continuous power to the components by measuring the battery voltage level and the current value drawn.
  • The converter detects temperature and adjusts the drawn current value to extend battery life.
  • Rack type converter has intelligent battery management system.
  • Manufactured considering military conditions.
  • The converter unit case is made of corrosion-resistant, chromated aluminum material.


Smart circuit provides three phase charge 6 bulk, absorption, float.
It can monitor battery system between 40-200 Amper value range with wide range of models.
Multiple isolated outputs, show Amper meter total output current.
The sensor for optional use, adjusts output voltage based on battery heat.
Current classification prevents overloa ding.
Charge status is displayed on control unit.
It is conformant to EMI-EMC.
It has 2-years guarantee.
Automaticaly stops when engine is started.
Military type connection wires for optional
It has dimout mode feature.
Military type connectors
11 0 db Buzzer
It has passed MIL STD 81 OG, MIL STD 127E, MIL STD 461 G Tests.
MTBF is 120.000 hours.
It can be remote controlled thanks to CANBUS.
R28100 Analog and CANBUS Output

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